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Now days , The use of concrete has a special lace in construction activities because of it ,s particular characteristics , as it used in a wide range of most , construction projects such as concrete buildings, soil and water constructions , dams and roads which according to the specific requirements of each project can be produced and used in different forms, like reinforced concrete ,rammed concrete , light weight concrete , and heavy concrete.

On the other hand to achieve the concretes special capabilities one of the important factors is to control and assess the materials used in the process of making concrete such as cement on this basis according to the international standard organization guidelines. it is necessary to conduct some experiments on the cement before using it in concrete production, such as resistance tests, to evaluate some of the cements characteristics the ISO 679 resistance test which is generally conducted on cement, is according to guidelines and for determining cement presser and distortion cement .is according to guidelines and for determining cement pressure and distortion resistance.

To perform this test a mushy mixture must be made with these mass proportions ;one part cement and three parts stand sand and with the water to cement ratio of 5;0 and then poured in to molds . the standard sand for this test is usually supplied from different source and countries which considering the great impact of sand characteristics on test result, considering the great impact of sand characteristics on test result, the results gained on cement and standard sand resistance must not differ greatly from the standard sand must be similar to ISO's standard sand characteristics these characteristics mainly include ; texture characteristics , amount of silica and sand moisture percentage.

In most countries, therefore, because of limited resources and the existent sensitivity, standard sand is imported from abroad. In the past our country was also an importer but now "Tara Beton" has managed to produce standard sand with acceptable quality within the country.

-Specification of ISO's international standard sand:

According to the International standards organization (ISO) recommendation the reference sand has to be round and containing at least 98% silica and it's texture according to table number one.


 Texture (particle) characteristics of standard sand


 Filter outlet dimensions


Weight of Remains on the filter














- Name of the product

- Name or commercial brand of the producer

- Standard symbol, if certified.

- Net weight of the sand with it's

- The sentence "Islamic Republic of Iran"

- Properties of the standard sand produced by Tara boton co.

The image below shows that the texture curve (particle size distribution) of our companies sand is in the acceptable (properties of the standard sand produced by Taraboton co .

The image below shows that the texture curve (particle size distribution ) of our companies sand is in the acceptable rang of the international standards organization and Iran's industrial research and standard institutions limits (line 1-4 ) this fact show the authenticity of the produced sand s particle size properties.

In order to adjust the particle texture of a selected sand with the ISO standard sand, particle texture test must first be conducted on the sand and then the particle texture diagram placed within the standard rang of . in the process of the test . the test must be continued as long as the amount of transit sand is less than 5.0 grams per minute for each filter.

On the other hand , Iran's industrial research   and standard institution (ISIRI) announced the characteristics of the standard sand used determining concrete bending and pressure resistance , based on the 3040 standard as : standard sand ( 2) natural sand, containing round particles and uncontaminated with organic substances . and having distinct particle size distribution. Particle texture characteristic ( particle size distribution )of the reference sand in Iran's sand standard is exactly similar to table 1.

According to  Iran's standard the amount of silica present in the stand sand must be . deter mind by the 1692 test method an at least %98 . in addition it is required after production and possessing the necessary technical characteristics, that the standard sand be packaged in firm packages of about 1350 5 gram. The packages must not have any effect on the sand test characteristics or its amount  . the following sing and properties must be printed on the package. ( line 5-4 standard no. 3040) :

Accordance of Taraboton's standard sand texture cure with ISO s acceptable rang.



The  x- ray analysis results in this image show that taraboton's standard sand contains 98.3 percent silica which is 0.3 percent more than the minimum amount recommended by ISO and ISIRI (line 3-4)


   X-ray analysis graph for taraboton's standard sand

( containing % 98.3 silica , peak d = 3.34 A)


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