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  Sand production


In the present time taraboton  company can product 1000 tons of standard sand per year with high quality and according to international standard .

On the other hand taraboton co. has it own equipped quality control lab which enables the final product . tara boton co. quality control lab has become the counterpart of Hamadan's standard institution in controlling building products and supplies .


Method of producing standard sand :

First of all the sand is transport to the factory in sizes under 2 mm, there it is checked for external substances and if approved it is stored in the base substances storeroom with the approval cod, and if rejected it will be returned to the supplier.

In the next stag the sand is washed and dried then differentiated by particle size with a sieve , that fir the the second time sand is washed and dried and  again each particle size group is divided and kept separately in the half made substances storing room and are ready for weighing in the next step the operator evaluates the quality of 100 grams of each particle size and if he / she notices more than 5.0 grams of sand not matching it is returned to the last stage to be screened .if the sand is approved it will be passed on to production operators in plastic container for weighing.

Finally the production operators package the sand in 1350 gram packages and seal them with a machine and after the final control , including : particle size, determining silica amount humidity and resistance by the quality operator the package are then placed in boxes, code and then transport to product storage which is then ready to be send to cement factories.


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