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  Company resume

In recent years this companies resume is as follows:

1-Quality control of malayers  transit line project ( hamadans gas company )

2- rasab company company , buali sina universitys open area building ( infrastructure and superstructure of roads )

3- Karyaran co. ( Agriculture Faculty's concrete building)

4- soil research of Kurdistan abider tower

5- Hamadans industry and mine bureau ( study of hamadans mines

6- soil test for eram tower (Hamadans municipal office )

7- basij ( sepah ) resistance of hamadan ( hamadans concrete projects)

8- payame noor university geotechnical observation and project control.

9- area 6 payame noor university geotechnical observation and project control

10- maher and counterparts advisor engineers (Agricuolture facultys  concrete building advisor )

11- mujda and counterparts advisor engineers

12- iran arc advisor engineers

13-qods niroo advisor engineers ( Ilam and Kurdistan s 230 and 63 kw  power posts)

14- artak advisor engineers (Buli sinas Engineering  Faculty)

15- benwa Gostar advisor engineers

16- Aria pars jam advisor engineers

17-pars aria jam advisor engineers

18- shora advisor engineers

19-  zolal moj company (vian industrial towns filtering station project )

20- atisaz company ( atisaz commercial complex local lab installation )

21- taban shar company

22- hamedan irancell projects

23- Geotechnical observations of Enghlabs sport complex project

24-geotecechnic observations of ghahramanis  pool project (A bshineh)

26- Geotechnical observations of shahid chamrans commercial admimistrative complex (Maskan institvte )

27- hamadans cinema complex project (local lab installation )

28- hamadan industrial  towns co. projects

29- Geotechnical Observation of tuserkans Huse of workers project

30-hamedans fitness and sport bureau

31- Geotechnic obseratios of hamadans noje base.

32-safa niko co. (local lab installation )

33- hamadans red crescent institute

34- Islamic Guidance bureau.

Also this company controls hamedans sand and gravel , ready concrete,

Cement and building supply production at the time being.


:: Test labs approval certificate (lab counterpart of irans industrial research and standard institution)

:: Letter of Test labs approval certificate

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